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Full Circle Salon 

I've been making ladies and gents look beautiful for over 20 years! I have been blessed with this gift and I thank God often (not as much as I should) for allowing me to make money while I tend to my clients and make them look they're very best. I pride myself on being honest with my clients regarding the best look for them while also respecting their time in my chair.

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This has been my life and business for over 30 years, I'm  originally from Chicago.  Packed my blow-dryer and Shears and relocated to Georgia in 1990. Worked for System Seven then Regis Hair Salon in Gwinnett Place Mall where I was Educational Manager and Director.

From there I became an independent stylist and my dream has always been to work for myself and to work side-by-side with some wonderful people that I call family.

And on August 8th, 2016 God has blessed me with that reality. My specialty is Coloring, Cutting,  Relaxers, Extensions and Customer Service, so my nickname is the Therapist. So all are welcome here at the Circle.

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My name is Ana.  I am a hair stylist at Full Circle.  I have been a hair stylist for about 19 years.  One of the greatest things about being a hair stylist is seeing the difference that the right haircut and the right color can do for a person.

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